Monday, December 29, 2014

Visit to Manu Weissmann

In Argentina we went to Manu's house.  It is super cool!  He has so many toys!  And he likes to share them with me.  If not, I tell him: I am your abla and you need to compartir!  So we played a lot, especially for the toy that I gave him for his birthday!  Is it not great?

Guess what?  He has a SWING in the garden!  Actually, I get to swing often in parks, but when do I get to swing MANU?  EH???  Well, I seized the opportunity!

At the end, when we got tired of playing, we just sat to watch some TV with Anne...

Manu, you have a beautiful house, and it is beautiful because it is full of toys!!!

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  1. Que lindas fotos!!!!, Manu la paso muy lindo tambien, al igual que sus padres. Esperemos vuelvan pronto, muchos saludos