Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miami's Deadly Beasts

The authorities found out I was in Miami.  Don't ask how they knew.  They just knew.  So they asked me if I could help them tame some mighty beasts they had.  Since I owe myself to justice, I said yes.  But since I did not want to be away from Sofi, I asked her if she would help, and she said yes!  Harika!

The task as hand was hard.  First we geared up.  The comfiest clothes we had.

And then off to work.  First, deal with the humongous Turkey!  

No biggie, with the help of SuperSofi, we were done in no time.

Then came the fierce, mean sheep and the dreadful white bird.  I dealt with them alone, since Sofi was dealing with a Lion, hardly worth mentioning.


Lastly, I was challenged to the end of my abilities.  I had to tame a Stallion!  I couldn't work from below, so I hopped on to tackle the problem.  It was too hard, so I asked Papa for help... 

Turns out, I still could not tame the beast.  So I called in for the big guns!  ANNE!

And that got the job done!

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