Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Going to see SuperSofi!

Recently we went on a trip to see my all time favourite BFF!  Yes, that same one that used to fight me over dolls!  Now we are all grown up, but as friends as ever.  Anyways, here go a couple of memories of that last trip.

Off I went, super excited, and with a suitcase full of expectations!

As soon as we arrived, I rushed to see Sofi!  She is so grown up!  We chatted and chatted, while making ourselves a nice cup o joe!

We savoured every drop of that joe, slowly.

And when we were done, we finished with a big AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Then Sofi took me to her room, a beautiful, large, room, where we could play and paint!

So immediately we started painting.  First we had to put on protective gear.  Mine was blue.  Sofi's red.

And we painted and painted.

Sofi's painting was a masterpiece!  That kid's got talent!

Do you like mine?  I do, a lot!  I have talent too!

If painters would coauthor, we would fill Econometrica with paintings!

Then we went to sleep.

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