Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chilling out with Papa's friends

The last day in Buenos Aires Papa's friends came over for some empanadas.  They are in the back, see?

More importantly, a bunch of kids came along, including Manu!  It was lovely to see him again.  See how happy I was?

I hugged him so hard he could not breathe!

Then we played with Matias, Manu's papa.  Football, of all things.  The ball is imaginary.

That day, I met a new heartbreaker, Felipe, who is even younger than Manu!  But his Mom would not leave him alone!  So she had to be in the picture.  But since she was there, Anne found it a great excuse to show up too!

Felipe's papa is a cool guy too.  He sold me cup cakes!

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